Full Sail’s Business School offers campus and online degree programs in a variety of career fields.

The Entertainment Business Bachelor’s degree program covers management, finance, and business law, and how those concepts relate to different forms of media. The Entertainment Business Master’s degree program builds upon those foundations by focusing on business plan development and entrepreneurship. Further specialization includes degrees in Music Business and Sports Marketing & Media.

The Business School also features Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Internet Marketing that provide a comprehensive study of online advertising and brand development. Also available is a Master’s degree in New Media Journalism that teaches how to report, write, edit, and produce news for different media outlets.

Full Sail’s Business School is home to a community of skilled and experienced instructors, and guided by an advisory board of business professionals who ensure that the curriculum and tools used in each degree program are current and industry-relevant.


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Full Sail's Business School degree offerings study entertainment business concepts, online marketing methods, and journalism techniques for new media outlets.
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