Creative Writing Careers

A career in the field of creative writing can lead you in a variety of professional paths within the entertainment industry.

Today’s writers need to be able to carry a concept or story through various channels of distribution, enabling films, television shows, and games to extend their presence and persona. Many brands and entities also require writers to create content for social networks.

Writers obviously play a pivotal role in the worlds of film and television, whether they’re creating a treatment for an entire production’s concept, developing scripts, creating storyboards, or adapting an existing work for a film’s production.

Writers working in the video game and animation industries are responsible for developing the characters, environments, plotlines, and story development for projects that may exist on home gaming platforms, websites, mobile media devices, and more.

For all entertainment media genres, writers are there to clarify, redirect, and focus the storyline and central theme. Tasks also include troubleshooting dialogue and character development issues.

Potential Careers

  • Script Reader
  • Proofreader
  • Researcher
  • Social Media Architect
Troy Devolld
Troy Devolld

Full Sail Film graduate Troy Devolld broke into the reality television show business by working on MTV’s Fear, where he worked as a logger/transcriber, PA, assistant to the locations coordinator, assistant story editor and, eventually, a story editor.

The experience left Troy fascinated with the storytelling possibilities of reality TV, and he has spent the rest of his career helping to develop the story arcs for a number of hit series. This includes The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Dancing with the Stars, as well as his most recent television projects, Who Are You Wearing, Split Ends, and Flipping Out.

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