English as a Second Language at Full Sail University is tailored for students who want to pursue studies in entertainment and media. It is not intended for students seeking a general or “stand-alone” English language program. The objectives are related to occupational training and concepts and will prepare students for entry into degree programs in entertainment and media studies.

Full Sail University's English as a Second Language (ESL) courses of study focus on the language skills tested in university-recognized, language proficiency exams. It also introduces students to the entertainment and media industry. Students do not need to be proficient in the English language to participate.

Over an intensive nine-month period, you’ll build your skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking using rich multimedia learning tools. You’ll demonstrate your abilities through creative projects and exercises – including movies, songwriting, blogging, podcasts, art, and more.

As you learn and create within Full Sail’s diverse facilities, you’ll explore various industry branches such as entertainment, art, video games, and business. You will have opportunities to interact with faculty and students, as well as industry guests and graduates, which will enhance your English fluency and comprehension.

You’ll also learn strategies that will enable you to confidently participate in further academic study. The interdisciplinary approach of this certificate will allow you to become immersed in university culture from day one, giving you a comfortable transition into your next educational journey.

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