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In Full Sail’s Film program, you’ll work side by side with a unique group of people who share your passion to make great films. We believe there’s no better way to learn than by doing; that’s why your coursework will put you on-set, behind the camera, and in the editing suite. You’ll get hands-on experience working each position on-set on a variety of different small-scale assignments, enabling you to get a feel for the role that each crew member plays in a production.

The process begins just like it does in Hollywood, with vital preproduction work: you’ll learn what it takes to flesh out a film’s story, finalize scripts, and create storyboards. You’ll also prepare budgets, schedule shoots, and hold casting calls for your onscreen talent. When it comes to learning how to shoot film, you’ll be using the same professional gear that’s used in Hollywood, from 16mm, 35mm and HD cameras, cranes and lighting rigs to Full Sail’s own multi-locale backlot.

In our editing labs and suites, you’ll learn the postproduction process, by cutting, rearranging, and enhancing footage, recording and editing additional dialogue, sound effects, music, as well as adding visual effects and titles.

Once you’ve experienced the filmmaking process through the multiple projects assigned to you throughout the program, it’ll be time for you to assemble a crew and create your own 35mm film, from preproduction through postproduction. After you’ve brought your script idea to life and screened your film for your classmates, family, and industry professionals, you’ll have another valuable asset for your reel – something that shows Hollywood and the rest of the world just what you’re capable of when you prepare to enter the film industry.

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Full Sail University's Film Bachelor's Degree allows students to experience working each on-set position of the film production process.
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