Areas of Focus


Preproduction is an essential part of the filmmaking process, during which you plan, budget, and schedule every detail of a production before you even pick up a camera.

In the Film degree program, you’ll be working on a number of different film and video projects, and each of them will require preproduction work with the fellow film students who will be part of your filmmaking team.

First, you’ll meet to break down your script into individual scenes and then sketch out storyboards to illustrate everything that you plan to shoot. Then you and your crew will scout locations, cast talent, pick out props and costumes, and identify any special visual effects that your film may need.

During preproduction, you’ll also decide what kinds of sets your film needs, and you’ll be able to construct them on one of our on-campus soundstages. This is also when you’ll decide on crew positions within your group, and work out a production schedule that lays out when you plan to start shooting, what each day will consist of, and when you plan to be finished.


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