Ethics and Psychology

This Ethics and Psychology Course is designed to give students an opportunity to discover the many facets of their psychological identity. Students will focus on how a personal values system is developed, and how it serves as the foundation for the decisions an individual will make in his or her lifetime. Students will also explore human interaction and behavioral styles, as well as how to develop positive, productive relationships. Additionally, students will examine the psychological issues individuals deal with in their daily lives, such as stress, gender inclusion, and how to process information.

Course Outline

  • Values and Moral Reasoning
  • Ethics and Ethical Dilemmas
  • MBTI and Personality Archetypes
  • Johari Window Communication Model
  • Existential-Humanistic Theories and Free Will
  • Cognitive Psychology and Personal Beliefs Systems
  • Gender Issues in Entertainment Media and Marketing
  • Final Group Presentations

Total credit hours
Course Length

4 weeks

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In the Ethics and Psychology Course, students discover how psychological theory relates to the creation of relevant character roles in films and games.
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