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rom implementing crowd scenes in a movie or television commercial to creating vast landscapes for a video game, artists use computer graphics in nearly every aspect of today’s entertainment industry.

Full Sail University’s Computer Animation bachelor of science degree program guides students through the same production pipeline used in professional studios – from storyboarding, sketching, and visual development to modeling, character animation, and final compositing.

Our computer animation programs begin by exploring the art concepts behind drawing, sculpting, and other traditional forms of expression. As you prepare to take your artwork from page to screen, you'll also learn the foundational animation principles behind computer-generated characters, objects, and environments.

Courses focusing on relevant topics such as storytelling and communication are designed to further round out your skill set, and ongoing portfolio courses provide you with opportunities to showcase your talents and develop your professional skills. In addition, our Career Development services will be available for support throughout your entire professional journey. Click here to request additional program information about the Computer Animation bachelor’s degree.


View a full listing of each course in the Computer Animation degree and estimate your potential graduation date.

Computer Animation graduate Adadeh Iranban shares a few favorite projects from her demo reel, and discusses how her passion for art led her to Full Sail.

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Project LaunchBox is a Full Sail program that provides students with powerful technology to help create projects. All of your files, multimedia creations, and coursework are at your fingertips 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
LaunchBox Components
  • Apple MacBook Pro
  • AppleCare Extended Warranty
  • Adobe CC
  • Microsoft Office for Mac
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • The Foundry NUKE X
  • SynthEyes
  • Wacom Tablet
  • ZBrush 4R6
  • Canon LiDE 120 Flatbed Scanner (Online only)

Pricing and package specifications are subject to change. Some Project LaunchBox™ components are distributed during students' second year; some Project LaunchBox™ components are downloadable items.

Grad News and Student Work from Art & Design Degrees
Tumblr Image - This “spooky tree” comes from current Computer Animation student Craig Gurnicz. Craig sculpted this model using Zbrush in his...
This “spooky tree” comes from current Computer Animation student Craig Gurnicz. Craig sculpted this model using Zbrush in his...

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Living Color: The Art of Jessica Dunbar

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