Creative Writing Careers

Effective writing skills are the foundation to success in almost any career. The careers in creative writing are as varied as the media clients and audiences who require you to compose compelling content.

From a film industry standpoint, screenwriters play an integral, behind-the-scenes part of storytelling for the movie. They adapt an existing work for a film’s production, or they create an entirely new script. The screenwriter goes through the entire filmmaking process from script pitch to big screen, to structures and formats of scenes, and storyboarding and visual thinking for anticipating the camera angles.

In the gaming and animation industries, the respective writers have the responsibility of fleshing out characters by the following: delving into the psychology of a character, creating a back story, developing plot and motivation, and establishing character conflict through hero and villain archetypes. Even after the characters have been brought to animated life, the writers continue to be a part of the process by creating narratives, dialogues, and subtext.

For all entertainment media genres, the writers are there to clarify, redirect, and focus the storyline and central theme. Tasks also include troubleshooting dialogue and character development issues.

Potential Careers

  • Script Editor
  • Writer/Producer
  • Program Writer
  • Content Coordinator
  • Content Editor
  • Content Producer
  • Communications Specialist
  • Communications Coordinator
  • E-Commerce Content Specialist
  • Web Content Writer
  • Web Content Editor
  • Copywriter
  • Blog Editor
  • Executive Story Editor


Troy Devolld
Troy Devolld

Full Sail Film graduate Troy Devolld broke into the reality television show business by working on MTV’s Fear, where he worked as a logger/transcriber, PA, assistant to the locations coordinator, assistant story editor and, eventually, a story editor.

The experience left Troy fascinated with the storytelling possibilities of reality TV, and he has spent the rest of his career helping to develop the story arcs for a number of hit series. This includes The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Dancing with the Stars, as well as his most recent television projects, Who Are You Wearing, Split Ends, and Flipping Out.

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