Internet Marketing Master's Careers

Leaders in the Internet marketing profession are responsible for providing strategic solutions to complex challenges that their companies encounter throughout the creative process. This requires them to draw upon their creative, artistic, and professional abilities.

Given the broad nature of Internet marketing, it can bring any media to global exposure. An Internet marketing consultant must recognize the potential of utilizing the Internet for their client’s needs. They provide a plan to tie together creative and technical aspects of design, development, advertising, and sales. These days, their insight and expertise in creating strategies that utilize the Internet as a tool to optimize a business’s results are highly valuable.

Potential Careers

  • Internet Marketing Consultant
  • Director of Marketing
  • E-Commerce Manager
  • Internet Public Relations Specialist
  • Marketing Coordinator - SEO
  • SEO Strategist
  • Social Media Manager
Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy's vision for his advertising firm extends beyond the typical limitations of what just one organization can typically offer to their clients. These days, companies require more online marketing to increase their visibility to consumers. So Mike and the other Battle Creative Agency co-founders envisioned a company that would be able to handle everything from Web design and development, broadcast design for television motion graphics, 3D animation and effects, to organizing campaigns and developing a company’s brand.

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As you develop your skills and find your niche in Internet Marketing, you may find that your career fits perfectly into one of these categories.
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