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Mobile devices have become an integral part of how we communicate, do business, and get our news and entertainment. The latest cell phone and tablet computers gives us the freedom to access sophisticated applications and games wherever we go, and both consumers and developers have quickly embraced this innovative content, making the mobile market among the fastest growing areas of software development.

Programmers are quickly expanding the possibilities of the medium, and that creative spirit is the basis of Full Sail’s Mobile Development Bachelor of Science Degree. This 32-month online program teaches programming and design fundamentals that provide students with the tools to start a career producing a range of interactive content for different mobile platforms.

The curriculum explores the complete cycle for producing professional mobile applications, including preproduction, development, and market deployment. Early courses focus on design principles that cater to the strengths of different devices, and teach the importance of creating an intuitive user experience.

Students take those foundations into classes that teach standard programming languages used throughout the industry, including JavaScript, PHP, and XHTML, as well as specialized development kits for popular mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

Class projects will solidify these concepts, with students creating their own original applications – which can include business, productivity, and organizational programs, as well as multimedia entertainment software and video games.

Because the industry is ripe for independent publishers and entrepreneurs, the curriculum also covers the business side of mobile development. Here students will learn how to conduct market research, as well as distribute and promote their own applications. This combination of design, programming, and distribution gives graduates of the program a well-rounded portfolio, and the skill set to work with a software development team at a corporation or even create their own startup application company.

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Full Sail's Mobile Development Bachelor's Degree Online explores the design, development, and production of professional mobile applications.
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