Shaun McCabe on Top Sony Franchises

Production Director for Insomniac Games

Shaun has worked on such classic series as Resistance, Ratchet & Clank, and Spyro the Dragon

Insomniac Games has produced some of the biggest franchises of the past decade, including such classics as Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet & Clank, and Resistance. During his five years at the company, Full Sail Game Development graduate Shaun McCabe has lent his talents as a gameplay programmer to many of the biggest titles in these series – most recently with Resistance 2, one of the PlayStation 3’s most eagerly anticipated releases of 2008.

And while he puts the finishing touches on the game for its release this fall, Shaun is also preparing to start another exciting chapter of his career at Insomniac, as he’s recently been promoted to the role of Production Director at their newly founded North Carolina studio.

“As soon as Resistance 2 is done I’m on a plane to help start up the new studio out there,” he explains. “It’s a huge honor, and I’m really excited to have the opportunity to do this. My whole career has been focused on programming, but now my responsibilities will span a lot of different disciplines.”

The studio is set to open in January 2009, marking Insomniac’s first expansion outside of their original Burbank, CA home. As Production Director Shaun will be a team manager for their in-house game projects, and one of his most challenging jobs leading up to their launch has been to help assemble the right blend of artists, designers, and programmers to populate the east coast think tank.

“A smart person surrounds themselves with smarter people,” he shares about the hiring process. “So when recruiting for the team what I’m trying to do is make sure that we get the right people and that they’ll have whatever they need here to do their job.”

It’s that focus on team dynamics that Shaun hopes will continue to promote the tradition of gameplay and story innovation Insomniac’s titles have been known for – from Ratchet & Clank’s vast weapon system to the massive boss encounters you’ll see in Resistance 2. And as the North Carolina studio gets ready to take on a number of top secret projects, Shaun is ultimately looking forward to seeing what fresh ideas come out of his new creative environment.

“Our main focus is taking the highly collaborative culture of Insomniac in Burbank and adding to it the excitement of a startup,” he shares. “With every single title we put out, we’re trying to set new standards and reach new heights, and this new studio is an opportunity for everyone to be highly vested in every little detail that goes into the games we’ll be making. Our games have always been made from the collective creativity of a group, and that’s something that we’re going to definitely keep going at the new studio because that’s where the really great ideas come from. Insomniac is a great place to work because when people come to work every day, they come wanting to make the best games they can.”

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