Alyssa McCraw: Interning on Nashville’s Music Row

The Entertainment Business grad is in the creative department for the Big Machine Label Group

Entertainment Business graduate Alyssa McCraw

Consider a list of the country’s foremost musical epicenters and Nashville is sure to top it. So when Alyssa McCraw graduated from the Entertainment Business Bachelor’s program this past September, her sights narrowed on the musical metropolis in northern Tennessee.

“I always knew I wanted to be in the music business in Nashville,” says Alyssa, who applied for an internship at one of the most successful record labels in Nashville, Big Machine Label Group.

Thanks to an introduction by Full Sail’s Career Development team and armed with the inside knowledge she gleaned from doing a project on Big Machine Label Group in her Entertainment Business Marketing & Strategic Planning course, Alyssa landed an intern spot creating visual creative content for artists like Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, and Reba McEntire.

“I work in a pretty small department but we basically do everything creative,” says Alyssa, who just finished designing the inside cover of next month’s issue of Billboard magazine. “We handle about 90% of the creative work in-house, which is one of the things that makes Big Machine so great. They don’t outsource that work.”  

It was straight into the fryer for Alyssa since she arrived in Nashville nine weeks ago. “I've had more experiences in the last month than I feel I could have had in years,” including getting the chance to attend Big Machine's CMA after party. “You never run out of things to do in Nashville.”

In January, this 20-year-old will wrap up her Big Machine internship and then she’ll choose from the many exciting options she’s currently considering.

I'm keeping my options open," she says. "Right now I'm in Nashville, and that's where I'm supposed to be, but in six months or a year from now I may be in L.A. Or maybe not - it's a transition period, but I'm up for anything."

What she is sure about is that this internship has padded her portfolio beyond her wildest expectations. No photocopying, no coffee runs, just a lot of valuable industry experience which will surely pave the way for her next adventure, wherever that is.

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Entertainment Business graduate Alyssa McCraw is getting her start in Nashville's music scene.
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