Logan Sekulow: CEO of Brightbulb Entertainment

The Film and Entertainment Business grad has found success with his own documentary film company.

Logan Sekulow: CEO of Brightbulb Entertainment Film and Entertainment Business graduate Logan Sekulow

Logan Sekulow got an early start. He graduated from home school at age 14, joined Full Sail the same year, and completed our Film program while only 15. It’s an ambitious beginning to a career that has culminated in the launch of a successful video production company with distribution in the millions. Not bad for someone whose family had to drop him off at college every day.

“My parents knew that I wasn’t going to be going down a traditional route,” he says. “I had artistic goals and things I wanted to accomplish. Around 14 I decided that I really was interested in film, and they were really supportive. Being able to do that at such a young age seems crazy to me now, but Full Sail was willing to find a way to make it work and definitely helped me get where I am.”

After finishing his first degree (he would later complete the Entertainment Business program online), Logan’s start in the industry would include internships with Nickelodeon in both Orlando and New York, as well as four years producing teen-oriented Christian programming in Nashville. Seeing the impact of faith-based media, he began doing documentary work for his father’s ministry, which would eventually be the basis his own production company – Brightbulb Entertainment.

“I launched it with a friend of mine and we started cutting together TV shows, and then transitioned to doing films and documentaries kind of on accident,” he says. “We went out to do some filming and came back with this great footage we couldn’t really use for TV. So we did a couple quick interviews and all of a sudden we had a completed film and it ended up moving hundreds of thousands of copies.”

Brightbulb has since gone on to create a string of successful documentaries, thanks to their direct to home marketing and distribution model. In addition to overseeing the business side of the company as CEO, Logan has also stepped up as director for half a dozen of their projects. Among his recent favorites is God Bless Vegas, a quirky and insightful look at a pastor who moved to “sin city” to start a church for local residents.

“It’s special to me because he’s a friend and has such a great story that I’ve wanted to tell for years,” Logan says. “He felt like Vegas was a very broken place, and he had all these great stories about people whose lives were changed by this church. The stories were just crazy too – one guy was a fire breathing clown and professional wrestler – so even if you’re not religious I think anyone would find it entertaining.”

As Logan explained, the steady success of their previous films has let them attempt more ambitious storytelling avenues like the Vegas project, as well as a new media and branding collaboration with the Florida Basketball Association. Through years of hard work, Brightblub has become the perfect compliment for his creative and professional ambitions, and he’s continuing the momentum of that teenager determined to break into the industry.

“It’s all been a real whirlwind, and we’re now talking with a few different companies to take this even bigger in the future, as well as working on two other movies,” he says. “I think if my path shows anything, it’s that if you want to do film, there’s ways to do it and get your stuff out there in creative and different ways other than the traditional methods. I’m really proud of that.”

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This two-time Full Sail graduate has found success with his production company creating faith-based documentaries.
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