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Alumni Help Bring ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ to Theaters

We’re proud to see that over a dozen Full Sail graduates helped deliver the summer movie season’s first major release.

Alumni Help Bring ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ to Theaters - Hero image

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits screens today, continuing the series reboot launched nearly two years ago with actor Andrew Garfield taking over the title role. The fresh approach to the superhero’s origin story was warmly received by audiences, and this latest entry will continue the saga with new villains like Electro and Rhino appearing on film for the first time.

Previews of the sequel have revealed breathless action sequences, and we’re proud to see that over a dozen Full Sail graduates helped deliver the summer movie season’s first major release. These grads worked in various positions on set and during post production, including roles on the visual effects and audio teams.

As music editor, Nevin Seus (Recording Arts, 2003) played a big part in what you’ll experience in theaters – with the audio mix key in selling the dynamics of the action. Speaking with us shortly before its release, Nevin explained the hard work that went into delivering this latest Spider-Man feature, and even some advice on the best way to watch it.

“This project was fairly demanding and had its hurdles, but I was able to work with a lot of extremely talented people,” he said. “The hours were long, days off were few and non-existent for most of the crew, but we still managed to make the best of it, and that made all the difference.”

“The final product is great, it looks awesome and the score and sound design are amazing, especially in Dolby Atmos – I would highly recommend seeing it in a theater that has Dolby Atmos to get the full experience.”

Full Sail graduates credited on The Amazing-Spider-Man 2 are:

  • Scott Bredengerd (Film, 2008; Production Assistant)
  • Christopher Cochran (Film, 2001; Grip)
  • Andrew Davidson (Show Production, 2001; Stage Manager Assistant)
  • Michael DiCarlo (Film, 2009; Second Assistant Camera)
  • Andrew Farris (Computer Animation, 2012; Compositor)
  • David Frias (Entertainment Business/Film, 2006; Production Assistant)
  • Laura Hieronimczak (Film, 2009; Production Assistant)
  • Wayne Jaworskyj (Computer Animation, 2012; Compositor)
  • Christopher D. Jones (Film, 2004; Dolly Grip)
  • Sean W. Matthews (Film, 2010; Visual Effects Assistant)
  • Chad Plunkett (Film, 2008; Grip)
  • Nevin Seus (Recording Arts, 2003; Music Editor)
  • Andrew R. Smith (Film, 2010; Production Assistant)
  • Jason Stellwag (Computer Animation, 2001; Cloth & Hair Technical Director)
  • Wade Sullivan (Recording Arts, 2008; Costumer)
  • Orlando M. Vazquez (Film, 2010; Production Assistant)