An Afternoon with Elvis Costello at Full Sail University

The legendary singer, songwriter, and producer visited the campus alongside Full Sail Hall of Fame inductee and award-winning producer Sebastian Krys.

A black and white portrait of singer, songwriter, and producer Elvis Costello wearing dark-tinted glasses and a wedding band.

Full Sail University graduate, Hall of Fame inductee, and award-winning producer and engineer Sebastian Krys has seen massive success in American and Latin American markets, winning 20 Grammy awards between the U.S. and Latin American award shows for his work with artists including Gloria Estefan, Marc Anthony, Shakira, and Elvis Costello.

Throughout the engineer and producer’s extensive career, he has maintained a close relationship with Full Sail, returning regularly to share his knowledge, advice, and experiences with students on campus. Recently, Sebastian returned with a special guest in tow – legendary singer, songwriter, and producer Elvis Costello.

Having first discovered the musician’s catalog during his time as a student on the Full Sail campus, Sebastian was excited for Costello to utilize the university’s industry-standard production facilities for rehearsals ahead of the Elvis Costello & The Imposters 7-0-7 tour.

“[Going to Full Sail] made everything I wanted to do tangible,” shared Krys as he spoke to students and faculty during an exclusive guest lecture featuring him and the musician. “I followed the music to wherever it would take me.”

More than 500 students and staff attended the closed-door session hosted in the Full Sail Live venue for the chance to gain insight into Costello’s storied career and the creative process behind some of his most beloved hits.

Some students also gained valuable experience by working in technical roles alongside Full Sail’s live event crew throughout the session. Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions about the artist’s breakthrough into popular music, the evolution of his sound, his creative process, and how Krys’ keen ear and musical skillset have made him a valuable teammate in the studio.

“This is a great place here. If it gave us this man, it’s the right place,” said Costello of Krys and Full Sail while chatting to the audience from the stage.

The duo – who have worked on 11 releases together including scores, re-recordings, and new releases such as 2020 Grammy winner Look Now – credit their joint success to the special synergy they share in the studio and in their friendship.

Costello & The Imposters closed out the private session playing live versions of some of the artist’s biggest hits including “Watching the Detectives” and “I Hope You’re Happy Now.”

“Welcoming Sebastian back to campus, and hosting Elvis Costello & The Imposters has been a phenomenal way to begin the new year on our campus,” said Jay Noble, Full Sail Vice President of Alumni and Events. “Providing our students with real-world learning opportunities, while creating unique educational experiences and standing alongside our alumni during their career journey remains at the core of our university’s mission.”