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Digital Cinematography Grad Gets Dream Job with Griot’s Garage

Graduate Matt Miller shares how his passions connect creating video content for the premium car-care manufacturer.

Digital Cinematography Grad Gets Dream Job with Griot’s Garage - Hero image

Getting the opportunity to combine personal and professional passions in one's career is a dream. For Digital Cinematography grad, car enthusiast, and video producer Matt Miller, that dream became a reality when he landed the role of Video Production Specialist for premium car-care manufacturer Griot's Garage.

A self-proclaimed one-man-band, Matt's work with Griot's covers everything from product explainer videos to short documentaries on classic automobiles and car shows. Responsible for completing every phase of production from conceptualization to final edits, the grad credits his Full Sail education with allowing him to easily move between these various responsibilities.

"It was nice having a basis from every perspective of production in school," says Matt. "To see all these things, to know how they all integrate, that's kind of how I ended up making everything work now."

However, Matt's dream job didn't manifest immediately after graduation. He gained experience working his way through the world of commercial video at digital media agencies in Texas and Idaho.

"[The work I was doing] was a little bit too broad, but I definitely learned a lot in those different aspects of marketing and how to integrate all of the visual aspects together," he says of his time before Griot's.

"I didn't really like [it] all that much," recalls Matt. "Quick turnaround, not very creatively fulfilling, so I left to go move back home."

The Washington native was already a fan of the Griot's brand when he saw the chance to apply for a job that seemed too good to be true.

"I already knew I liked the products that they had, I knew how to polish cars properly, I knew all about how that worked," he says. "This was more dedicated, more pointed. I saw when I was talking with them, when I was being interviewed, I saw an excitement."

It didn't hurt that the manufacturer – who was looking to rival their competitors in the digital space – gave Matt something he'd never had before: a creative license.

"They basically kind of said, 'Here, we will give you free agency to just go and find what is that you want to make. And as long as you're making the product videos to go on our website, we'll take pretty much any idea.'"

In this role, unencumbered by the monotony of his prior commercial work, Matt has been able to apply his skill for storytelling to one of his greatest passions.

"The photographer and I had found a 1936 Chevy Foreman Coupe. They're so rare. We got to go out and shoot some amazing visuals [of it] with the canola fields in bloom in Eastern Washington," says Matt. "Having that freedom is really what makes it enjoyable."

While the grad is still early in his career journey, he has no desire to leave the team at Griot's Garage. He does remain intent on improving and adapting his craft, something he recommends to any one-man production team.

"Being a one-man-band, you kind of have to know a little bit about everything," he says. "But don't sit on your laurels, try to continue learning."