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‘The Avengers’ Opening Tonight: 56 Grads Credited

We’re proud to see that a total of 56 Full Sail graduates worked in different roles throughout its development, from production assistants to visual effects artists.

‘The Avengers’ Opening Tonight: 56 Grads Credited - Hero image

Marvel Comics’ The Avengers will officially kick off this year’s summer movie season when it premieres in U.S. theaters tonight at midnight. Bringing this super hero epic to screens has been a colossal undertaking, and we’re proud to see that a total of 56 Full Sail graduates worked in different roles throughout its development, from production assistants to visual effects artists.

It’s a record number for a single project, and many of these alumni also contributed to Marvel’s previous comic book adaptations that provided the back story for The Avengers, including Iron Man 2Thor, and Captain America: The First Avenger.

Considering the buildup for this union of classic characters, saying the film is highly anticipated is putting it mildly, and we’re looking forward to settling in our seats with fans at tonight’s midnight launch and watching the combined efforts of our grads who helped produce The Avengers.

The 56 Full Sail alumni who contributed to the film are:

  • Nada Abdou (Computer Animation; stereo compositor)
  • Paul A. Baccam (Computer Animation; stereoscopic artist)
  • Matt Bauer (Computer Animation; previsualization artist)
  • Steven Benjamin (Computer Animation; roto/paint artist)
  • Maxime Besner (Computer Animation; stereoscopic artist)
  • Christopher E. Brown (Computer Animation; digital effects artist)
  • Tom Burnett (Film; electrician)
  • Maurice Cox (Computer Animation; stereo compositing artist)
  • Devin Fairbairn (Computer Animation; layout)
  • Emily Francione (Computer Animation; stereoscopic roto lead)
  • Matthew E. Gill (Computer Animation; roto artist)
  • Clarke Godwin (Computer Animation; stereoscopic lead)
  • Cody Graham (Computer Animation; stereoscopic artist)
  • Anthony Grant (Computer Animation; model/texture artist)
  • H Haden Hammond (Computer Animation; sequence supervisor)
  • Andrew Haynes (Film; office production assistant)
  • Brent Hensarling (Digital Media; senior systems administrator)
  • Joshua D. Holden (Computer Animation; stereoscopic depth artist)
  • Andrew Hwang (Computer Animation; previsualization asset supervisor)
  • Justin Johnson (Computer Animation; digital effects supervisor)
  • Bryan P. Jones (Film, assistant camera; visual effects unit)
  • Felix Jorge (Computer Animation; previsualization artist)
  • Kolby Kember (Computer Animation; stereoscopic artist)
  • Trevor J. Lawrence (Computer Animation; stereoscopic artist)
  • Nha Hoan Le (Computer Animation; track/matchmove artist)
  • Son Lu (Computer Animation; stereoscopic lead)
  • Gillian Luhman (Film; location assistant)
  • Roy Vincent Mann (Computer Animation; lead stereoscopic compositor)
  • Raymond Martinez III (Computer Animation; rotoscope artist)
  • Sean W. Matthews (Film; office production assistant)
  • Sean McClellan (Film; electrician)
  • Shantel Medina (Computer Animation; stereo compositor)
  • Ronnie Menahem (Computer Animation; lead fx technical director)
  • Robert Merrow III (Computer Animation; rotoscope artist)
  • Lyndsey Pendley (Computer Animation; stereoscopic paint artist)
  • Justin Ray (Computer Animation; visual effects artist)
  • Patrick Redmond (Film; edge head technician)
  • Katherine Rodtsbrooks (Computer Animation; lead stereoscopic compositor)
  • Jason Rueda (Film; production assistant, visual effects unit)
  • Eric Savino (Computer Animation; depth artist)
  • Eric Sibley (Computer Animation; visual effects)
  • Joey Sila (Computer Animation; digital compositor)
  • Christopher “Safari” Sosebee (Computer Animation; asset artist)
  • Joshua Stirling (Computer Animation; roto artist)
  • Frederick George Stuhrberg (Digital Media; 3D scanning)
  • John Michael Temple Jr. (Computer Animation; depth artist)
  • Eric Timm (Film; stereo compositor)
  • Robert Tobin (Digital Media; stereo conversion artist)
  • Ryan Trippensee (Computer Animation; digital compositor)
  • John Trotter (Computer Animation; stereoscopic compositor)
  • Orlando M. Vazquez (Film; production assistant)
  • Will Wallace (Digital Arts & Design; dynamic effects animation)
  • Jay Wilson (Computer Animation; stereoscopic compositor)
  • Mark Wright (Film; visual effects editor)
  • Marvin Yanez (Computer Animation; stereoscopic roto lead)
  • Andrew Zink (Computer Animation; lighter)