Jayson Whitmore

Executive Producer | Laundry Design

Jayson Whitmore is a Full Sail triple threat –a graduate of the Recording Arts, Film, and Digital Media programs. Now, as an entrepreneur, executive creative director, director, mentor and life enthusiast, he's blended his love for music, film, and digital art into a successful brand.

After leaving Full Sail in 1999, Jayson moved out to Los Angeles and was quickly hired as a junior designer/animator at Emmy-winning design house Pittard Sullivan. He cut his teeth there before leaving to pursue a career as a freelance motion graphics artist. He assembled an impressive resume, including co-directing the Apple iPad Nano "Colors" campaign and creating national television promos for ABC and Bravo.

"You really have to be able to deliver in this business, and with the persistence and the foundation that I learned at Full Sail I moved up the ranks fast," says Jayson.

Along with two partners, Jayson founded Royale in 2007. The studio – which specializes in high-end packages for television, film, and web – quickly started taking on big-name clients like Comedy Central, VH1, and JetBlue.

At Royale. Jayson brought his entrepreneurial skills along with conceptual prowess and sophisticated animation style as a director and creative director to build global brands for networks. He also executed top-line creative advertising work across different platforms from some of the worlds biggest brands, including Apple, Facebook, Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, Google, Amazon, Disney, Comedy Central, Riot Games and more.

After an incredible 12-year run, Jayson left Royale to pursue his next entrepreneurial adventure.

"When you run a business you can't always be the artist and the entrepreneur," says Jayson. "We spend our profit within our company to make sure that you as an artist are taken care of. The better you are, the better we are. I think that relationship is what continues to inspire me."


Facebook, Under Armour, Oculus, TikTok, Instagram, Nike, Apple, Sonos, Netflix

Graduation Year:

I think the most important key to doing great creative work is figuring out what inspires you, and using that.”
—Jayson Whitmore
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