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Emerging Technology Scholarship

At Full Sail University, emerging technology plays a large role in every degree program. We're always innovating and looking to the future. If you're passionate about emerging technology, you belong here.

The Emerging Technology Scholarship honors that commitment to forward-thinking education by awarding eligible candidates with a full-tuition scholarship for select technology-focused bachelor's degree programs at Full Sail.

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How To Apply

To apply for a scholarship, speak to your admission representative by calling: 800.226.7625

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Mission Statement

The Emerging Technology Scholarship is designed to identify individuals who are exceptionally talented in their problem-solving and critical thinking skills, academically successful, and passionate about emerging technology industries. Through this program, students will receive a full scholarship for select campus or online Bachelor of Science degree programs.


The Emerging Technology Scholarship program will award a full scholarship including tuition and a laptop to eligible applicants pursuing select Full Sail University degree programs. Applicants will need to adhere to eligibility criteria and strict deadlines outlined in the Minimum Eligibility Requirements and How to Apply sections. Finalists will be invited to Full Sail University campus or online to participate in a whiteboard problem-solving competition. There will be a very limited number of scholarships awarded to the finalists selected from the competition.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for consideration, those applying for the Emerging Technology Scholarship must:

  • Be a graduate from high school in 2021 or 2022;
  • Meet Admission requirements for an eligible Bachelor of Science degree program (Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Game Development, Information Technology, Mobile Development, Simulation & Visualization and Web Development);
  • Possess a cumulative high school GPA of 3.8 or higher;
  • Submit an application for Admission by June 27, 2021;
  • Submit an original project with screencast per the How to Apply instructions by June 27, 2021;
  • Begin their degree program within the calendar year of their graduation date from high school. For example, a student graduating from high school in May 2021 would have to begin coursework at Full Sail University by December 2021; and
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress and adhere to the University’s Code of Conduct.

Award Determination

  • Scholarship applicants eligible for Round 2 will be determined by the Emerging Technology Scholarship panel based on the evaluation of the project submitted for the degree program of interest as listed in the Project Requirements for Applications section, provided all eligibility requirements above are still met.
  • Scholarship applicants eligible for Round 3 will be determined based on (1) their high school transcript and (2) this scholarship application, provided all eligibility requirements are met.
  • Scholarship recipients will be determined based on the whiteboard problem-solving competition on Full Sail University’s campus.

How to Apply

All eligible candidates will go through the following process:

Round 1

  • Candidates will be interviewed by a Full Sail admission representative and apply for admission by Sunday, June 27, 2021;
  • Candidates will submit an original project with screencast based on their degree program of interest by Sunday, June 27, 2021. See the Project Requirements for Semi Finalists section details. The link to the project and screencast must be submitted to https://go.fullsail.edu /emerging-technology-scholarship.
  • Candidates who meet the eligibility requirements for Round 1 will be notified by Wednesday, June 30, 2021 of eligibility to participate in Round 2 as semifinalists.

Round 2

  • Upon Round 2 notification, semifinalists will submit a completed scholarship application and a copy of their high school transcript via the student Full Sail One website by Wednesday, June 30, 2021.
  • Semifinalists who submit an original project that meets eligibility criteria and possess a high school GPA of 3.8 or higher will qualify for Finalist status.
  • Finalists will be notified by Friday, July 2, 2021 regarding their eligibility to participate in Round 3, the whiteboard problem-solving competition on Full Sail University’s campus.

Round 3

  • Finalists will be invited to Full Sail University’s campus in Winter Park, Florida, to participate in a whiteboard problem-solving competition on Saturday, July 17, 2021. Finalists will receive detailed instructions prior to the event.
  • Based on the criteria given, scholarship awards will be announced by Friday, July 23, 2021.

Provisions and Award Requirements

  • Applicants must have applied as a new student to Full Sail University for a start date in the year of their high school graduation.
  • A change of degree program, interruption of education, or withdrawal from degree program may result in cancellation of the scholarship award and disbursements. Student understands that a change in student status may impact eligibility.
  • Final award of scholarship is contingent upon receipt of all required Admissions and Financial Aid documents by the assigned start date.
  • Students who delay their start date may lose their eligibility.
  • Funds from the Emerging Technology Scholarship may only be used toward the tuition and laptop, known as Project LaunchBox, for a Full Sail University campus or online Bachelor of Science degree program.
  • Scholarship funds will be disbursed by semester throughout the student’s enrollment at Full Sail University.
  • Students must maintain an overall GPA of 3.5 for the duration of their Emerging Technology degree program to remain eligible for scholarship disbursements.
  • This scholarship is nontransferable and has no redeemable cash value.
  • Documentation provided as part of a submission will not be returned.
  • The project must be the original work of the applicant.
  • All submissions must abide by Full Sail University’s Nondiscrimination Policy. Applicants who submit work that does not abide by this policy will be disqualified.
  • Work submitted will be judged by Full Sail University’s Emerging Technology Scholarship panel.
  • This scholarship cannot be combined with any other scholarships initiated and/or awarded by Full Sail University.
  • Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

Project Requirements for Applicants

All applicants must select a project listed below and submit an original project to the scholarship committee. The project selection is not tied to a particular degree program; you may select any degree program if awarded the scholarship:

  • Cyber Security – Submit a project plan on how you would protect an information technology server against unauthorized hackers. The plan should include at least one identified system vulnerability, the significance if exploited, and possible steps to protect the system. Also, a screencast explaining the reasoning on how to protect the system must be provided.
  • Computer Science – Submit a software application created with a programming language of your choice. The submitted application must show significance, originality, and solves a problem using computer science principles. You must also display significant use of a programming language (e.g., C#, C++, JavaScript, Java). The submission must include all sources and assets used to create the project. Outside sources must be cited within the submission. The submission can be for any platform (operating system). Also, a screencast explaining the software application and its features must be provided.
  • Information Technology – Submit a project plan on how you integrated a new technology in your home network or lab. Describe what you intended to accomplish, the software or hardware you used, and the results of your project. The plan should include a design of your network, servers, operating systems used, and a screencast of you demonstrating and explaining the working system.
  • Electronic Engineering – Submit an original project creating a vehicle controlled by an external input device using an Arduino board (or equivalent). You must use a game engine (Unity or Unreal) to program your vehicle. The submitted project must include an original .STL file of the vehicle being controlled. The submission must include all sources and assets used to create the game. Outside sources must be cited within the submission. Submissions must be under 75 MB and submitted as a complete project in ZIP file format. Also, a screencast explaining the project and its features must be provided.