Three Decades of Innovative Education

More than 30 years ago, Full Sail began as a dream to create a place where people could learn how to take their passion for entertainment and turn it into a career they loved. It started with music and sound, but our dream quickly grew to fit the dreams of our students until it was bigger than we could have ever imagined. Film, design, show production, games, animation, web design, the business of the entertainment world … as the years go by, the dream continues to grow, and we are humbled by the success of our graduates as well as the passion of our teachers and mentors, all of whom contribute to making this one of the most unique educational communities on the planet.

Our Culture

One Planet, Many Tribes

Today, people from all over the world come to Full Sail to pursue their passion, create the art they love, and share ideas with like-minded individuals. Once they step onto our campus, they quickly discover the benefits of learning and creating in a place where students are studying every aspect of this unique industry. At Full Sail, just like in the real world, projects come together as a result of a team effort - multiple people using their individual skills toward a common vision. You may know exactly what you love, but while you’re here, you’ll be exposed to other students with their own passion and talents, and experiencing that kind of diversity can help you expand your own skills.

Innovative Education

Immersive and Project-Based Curricula

Years ago, when we started designing Full Sail’s programs, we asked ourselves, “How can we give our students the most immersive and relevant educational experience possible?” What we came up with is the foundation for what we call Real World Education. By basing all of our degree programs around immersive, project-based curricula, we strive to give students experience with the tools and concepts they’ll be working with in the entertainment industry.

Accelerated Programs
Industry Workflow
Multi-Sensory Learning
/alfresco/ROOT/Brazil-Campus/static-assets/images/feature-images/our-story/innovative-education/acceleratedPrograms-innovativeEducation.jpg The Full Sail campus is equipped with industry-standard technology and our instructors and faculty all have experience working in the fields they’re teaching. Our accelerated degree programs not only serve to get students out into the industry in half the time of traditional schools, but by using 40-hour weeks and 24-hour schedules, our programs prepare them for the tough deadlines and intense creative demands of the entertainment field.
/alfresco/ROOT/Brazil-Campus/static-assets/images/feature-images/our-story/innovative-education/industryWorkflow-innovativeEducation.jpg Since the world of entertainment media is constantly innovating, so is Full Sail University; our programs are designed to keep pace with the needs and evolution of the industry. All of the degree programs at Full Sail are built to reflect the needs of the entertainment media industry, so students will develop their skills working on real projects, using industry-standard workflows and processes, from conception and planning through production and delivery.
/alfresco/ROOT/Brazil-Campus/static-assets/images/feature-images/our-story/innovative-education/multiSensoryLearning-innovativeEducation.jpg The most sought-after professionals in entertainment media are the ones who ignore the line between art (the right brain) and technology (the left brain) and strive to master both. Those people are becoming the modern-day storytellers – the creative and the tech-head, wrapped into one. Our curriculum was developed to feed both sides of your mind and to encourage a balanced perspective that allows you to walk in many worlds, play different roles, and look at the world as a modern-day storyteller.

Creative Spaces

Creative Minds Need Creative Spaces

We believe that dull environments produce dull ideas. So whether you’re working, studying, or just relaxing on campus, we’ve strived to create inspiring spaces designed to nurture your creative spark. Our production environments are on par with the best in the world, and this is where you’ll develop your skills and give your dreams life. The big idea is to start working and acting like a professional while you’re still in school. That way you’re comfortable, prepared, and have the best possible chance to succeed once you’re out there.

Entertainment Connection

A big part of being successful is being connected

Full Sail’s campus is outfitted with world-class studios and production spaces, and as a result, we often have companies interested in producing their projects on campus. But, more importantly, the entertainment media industry is fully integrated into daily life at Full Sail.

Industry Pro Educators
Advisory Board
Guest Speakers
/alfresco/ROOT/Brazil-Campus/static-assets/images/feature-images/our-story/entertainment-connection/industryProEducation-entertainmentConnection.jpg Our teachers are veterans of the industry and often still work on professional projects as they teach, bringing to the classroom a wealth of techniques and tips learned from years of creating movies, music, games, and more.
/alfresco/ROOT/Brazil-Campus/static-assets/images/feature-images/our-story/entertainment-connection/advisoryBoard-entertainmentConnection.jpg Our Advisory Board members are all working professionals who help guide and shape our degree programs by reviewing our curriculum and steering it so that students get information and training that’s current and relevant to their career.
/alfresco/ROOT/Brazil-Campus/static-assets/images/feature-images/our-story/entertainment-connection/guestSpeakers-entertainmentConnection.jpg Hearing from the people at the heart of today's entertainment industry can not only be inspirational, but it can also provide students with valuable information that can supplement their education. Whether it’s successful grads returning to campus to enlighten the next generation or legends in the field imparting their wisdom, guest speakers play a vital role in the educational process at Full Sail.

Career Focused

Love what you do ... do what you love

Our philosophy is to give you a complete education that brings together hands-on experience, traditional classroom work, and industry-specific career development throughout your education; that unique combination will allow you to gain the knowledge and tools you’ll need to succeed in this industry. Our Career Development department is a key part of that philosophy. This dedicated team of people can help you reach that important goal – a real career doing what you love to do – by helping you establish the skills you’ll need for a successful future.

In just the last three years, Full Sail graduates have been hired at more than 3,000 companies, including these high-profile examples on the right.

Grad Success

The paths are different, but the goals are the same

Full Sail graduates have worked behind the scenes for many of the world’s most well-known corporations and widely acclaimed releases. These companies and projects span the entertainment industry. Here are just a few stories of our successful grads.

Our Mission

People from around the world come to Full Sail to pursue their educational goals, and they share one thing in common – a passion for creative careers in the entertainment and media industry.

Full Sail’s mission is to provide students with an innovative style of education, delivered by a staff of dedicated individuals, that addresses the career opportunities available in an ever-growing, constantly evolving industry. We do this by developing unique curricula that combine elements of creativity, art, business and life skills, technical prowess, and academic achievement. Our education is delivered via immersive teaching methods, both in Full Sail’s real world production studios and classrooms, as well as through our online learning environment.

Every one of our degree programs is designed to provide students with knowledge and real world experience that will help them realize their career goals in the entertainment and media industry.

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People from around the world come to Full Sail to pursue their educational goals, and they share one thing in common – a passion for creative careers in the entertainment and media industry.
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