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There’s more to the entertainment industry than simply the flashing lights, platinum records, and red-carpet galas; entertainment is a business. As technology continues to change the way that we experience the music, movies, games, and media in our lives, there is a greater need for talented and hard-working creative professionals to work behind-the-scenes and make it happen.

Full Sail’s Entertainment Business Bachelor’s degree program provides a well-rounded and in-depth study of the fundamentals of business and management, focusing on how those skills can be applied in the entertainment industry. As the degree progresses, you’ll explore topics that are specific to the business of entertainment – artist management, distribution, and more – giving you insight into the inner workings of the industry. Throughout the degree program, you’ll be working in a professional, project-based environment, designed to recreate the challenges and opportunities you’ll encounter in the world of entertainment business. Additionally, the program emphasizes business ethics and corporate social responsibility, and what role your own personal values may play in your role as a business leader.

The degree covers essential communication concepts like contract and deal negotiation, idea pitches, and working with talent. You’ll also hone your leadership and management skills by examining real world business case studies, and then create your own marketing campaign plan for a company based in the industry you’re interested in entering.  And you’ll gain the tools you need to keep a company profitable as you work through finance exercises that draw from the entertainment field.

For your final project, you’ll bring your newfound expertise to work as you create strategic plans related to real-world entertainment scenarios.  It will serve as a representation of your skills to show potential employers, or as a blueprint for your entrepreneurial venture.

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Full Sail's Entertainment Business Bachelor's Degree Online applies business and management skills to leadership roles in the entertainment industry.
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