Mastery: Personal Development and Leadership

At the level of a master’s degree, the objective of a graduate education is for a student to be able to demonstrate a mastery of a specific field of study. In the Mastery: Personal Development and Leadership Course, students will explore the concept of mastery from an interdisciplinary perspective, utilizing historical case studies, anthropology, leadership science, and neuroscience. Students will gain an understanding of what mastery means and how they can utilize this concept for their own personal development, establishing a deep connection with their academic discipline and developing professional leadership skills. Specifically, students will examine the roles of apprenticeship, in-depth learning, creativity, immersion, reflection, and practice. They will also learn graduate-level academic research methodologies, tools, and processes and apply these to course learning activities. In addition to academic tools and research methodologies specific to the curriculum, students will learn and utilize the appropriate graduate-level academic research approaches that are supportive for this level of education. The course serves as the students’ first step in their journey from student to practitioner, where they will gain a holistic understanding of what is required to be a successful graduate student and a master of their particular subject.

Course Outline

  • Mastery Concepts
  • In-Depth Immersion and Reflection
  • Case Studies
  • Academic Research and Methodologies
  • Leadership Principles

Total credit hours
Course Length

4 weeks

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