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The video game industry is expanding into a variety of areas, reaching a broader audience than ever before. Big-budget genres such as first-person shooters, online role-playing games, rhythm games, and sports titles provide gamers with sophisticated gameplay, graphics, and storylines that could hardly have been imagined a decade ago. At the same time, the indie game space is rich with titles exploring a variety of unique themes and mechanics, and the social, mobile, educational, and simulation markets are becoming increasingly visible and profitable.

The gaming industry relies on the combined talents of producers, designers, artists, programmers, and usability and quality assurance experts to create games to meet the tastes of these diverse audiences. Full Sail’s Game Design master’s degree program is designed to prepare students with the leadership skills and knowledge needed to pursue roles in many aspects of the development process, shaping the next generation of innovation in gaming.

The program’s specialized courses focus on core concepts in teamwork, project development, design and prototyping, and usability, as well as a grounding in different types of software. Through this curriculum, you’ll learn practical applications of the game development process from both the technical and managerial sides.

In the final months of the program, you’ll bring that balanced knowledge together as you work toward your capstone. You’ll take part in an immersive game development experience within Full Sail’s professional-level studios in which you’ll work in teams to craft client and student-driven projects for a variety of platforms. As you explore core development roles, and experience what it means to lead and participate within teams throughout different stages of the process, you’ll build the skills and knowledge required of development and management roles at a game studio.

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Full Sail's Game Design Master's Degree trains students to lead teams of artists, designers, and programmers throughout the video game development process.
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