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Digital video is a powerful communication tool that reaches millions of people who turn to electronic media for their news and entertainment every day. That popularity has created a growing demand for artists with the visual and technical skills to produce material for a variety of different outlets, including broadcast television, websites, mobile devices, and independent feature films.

Full Sail’s online Digital Cinematography Bachelor of Science Degree Program prepares you for this emerging landscape by merging the artistic concepts of traditional filmmaking with the technological tools that can be utilized in everything from independent news gathering and documentary filmmaking to commercial production and web video.

A range of technical courses deepen your understanding of digital video by breaking down the logistics of production, including lighting and cinematography. You’ll also become familiar with the ways you can troubleshoot technical issues in the field.

Courses teach the application of different visual and narrative theories for creating images and stories that resonate with viewers. You’ll learn the aesthetics of scene composition, color theory, creative writing, and the way these concepts are integrated into the structure of your work.

Extensive post-production courses like Advanced Post & Story Development and Mobility & Data Management also help you master nonlinear editing, as well as digital-specific processes like archiving video content, file management, and compression technology.

The last months of the program will have you using your collected skills to write, produce, edit, and output a final video project, where you’ll provide a comprehensive demonstration of your skills as a digital filmmaker. You’ll graduate with the focused knowledge to build a career as visual communicator on a professional video production team, or as an independent filmmaker and multimedia producer.

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Full Sail's Digital Cinematography Degree merges new technologies of digital and visual media with traditional filmmaking concepts.
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