The degree programs in Full Sail’s Film School cover nearly every aspect of filmmaking. Our Film Bachelor’s degree program provides comprehensive education in lighting, production, and directing for feature films, utilizing the equipment and facilities of our Florida campus.

For online students, Full Sail’s Digital Cinematography Bachelor’s degree program teaches the tools and theories of digital film and video production, and how they can be used to create a range of content, including online video, documentaries, commercials, and independent films.

Writers also have their own dedicated programs, with the Film School’s online Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in Creative Writing. These in-depth writing programs cover advanced storytelling and composition techniques, as well as the business of marketing and distributing your work.

Full Sail’s Film School is home to a community of skilled and experienced instructors, and guided by an advisory board of creative professionals who ensure that the curriculum and tools used in each degree program are current and industry-relevant.


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Full Sail's Film School degree programs cover nearly every aspect of filmmaking including lighting, production, storytelling, and marketing of films.
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