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Visual messaging has become the primary language the business world uses to communicate ideas about their products and services to the public. Whether as an element of creative entertainment, a component of advertising or branding, or the design elements defining the next wave of web content, well-placed and attention-getting images can convey an infinite variety of ideas and information.

Full Sail’s Digital Arts & Design degree teaches creative artists how to improve their skills in this competitive and exciting field. But more importantly, this program is designed to help you develop your own eye for design, and translate that knowledge into a career creating these powerful images. The degree provides a complete design education, with industry-specific courses that will teach you how to communicate ideas and stories through different media, including video, print, motion graphics, and the web.

The specialized curriculum starts with an overview of traditional 2D and 3D art theory, the foundations of the design industry. You’ll take that knowledge into classes that cover multimedia production, including techniques in typography, page layout, composition, and even website design. Further courses focus on developing proficiency on the same software technology used in today’s design studios.

All these skills will be put to use in a variety of class projects, where you’ll learn to apply the different theories to real design work, including video production and digital publishing, as well as the creation of motion graphics using Flash and other programs.

You’ll highlight your knowledge of these different multimedia disciplines with your final portfolio project. Your instructors will work with you to develop your personal branding style, and create both physical and web-based portfolios that will allow potential employers to see your range of skills as a designer.

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Full Sail's Digital Arts & Design Bachelor's Degree enhances artists' visual messaging through creation of motion graphics and images for various media.
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