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It all begins with a great story. Whether a film or television show, a video game or even a commercial, the most successful pieces of media are those that tell engaging and interesting stories, stories that capture your attention, spark your imagination, and provoke your emotions.

Full Sail's Creative Writing for Entertainment Bachelor of Fine Arts online degree program is designed to help students perfect their storytelling abilities, with an emphasis on writing for visual media, including scriptwriting and screenwriting. Throughout the course of the 32-month program, you’ll hone your writing skills through a variety of exercises, assignments, and projects that prepare you to meet the needs of an industry in need of creative visionaries.

The Creative Writing for Entertainment Bachelor’s degree program emphasizes the entertainment industry’s need for a transmedia approach to writing; an idea may begin as a script for a television show, but it also needs to be able to cross over to other delivery channels such as mobile devices, websites, and more. As a student in this program, you’ll learn how certain fundamentals of writing apply to all of these platforms, as well as the adaptations that each different channel requires.

You’ll participate in a wide range of writing workshops designed to strengthen your abilities in a variety of formats and genres, including comedy, horror, mystery, suspense, fantasy, and science fiction. You’ll also study the multitude of publishing and distribution channels available to today’s writers, as well as the professional tools and approaches necessary to market yourself in the industry, whether it’s as a freelance writer or as a part of a larger corporate entity. Throughout the program, you’ll develop your own personal portfolio that will not only display your writing skills, but also help you establish yourself as a creative professional.

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Full Sail's Creative Writing Bachelor's Degree Online develops students' writing skills for visual media outlets such as film, television, and video games.
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