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raphic designers dwell at the intersection of art and business. They translate abstract concepts into tangible visuals, and are often lauded for their ability to elevate the status of a company or organization.

The objective of the Graphic Design bachelor of science degree program is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the field of design – from print publishing to interface design and more. You’ll sharpen your eye for aesthetics through projects, critiques, and the study of popular culture. In addition to technical proficiency and creative development, your education will help you hone real-world skills such as media integration, advertising, and branding.

Ongoing portfolio courses will provide you with opportunities to build tangible projects that showcase your talents, and integrated career development modules will help you strengthen your professional skills. In addition, our Career Development advisors and services will be available for support throughout your graphic design career path – not just while you are a student. Click here to request additional program information about the Graphic Design bachelor’s degree.


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You’ll learn how to apply your artistic talents to modern design tools, technology, and production processes.

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Project LaunchBox is a Full Sail program that provides students with powerful technology to help create projects. All of your files, multimedia creations, and coursework are at your fingertips 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
LaunchBox Components
  • Apple MacBook Pro
  • AppleCare Extended Warranty
  • Microsoft Office for Mac
  • Adobe CC
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Sony Alpha a6000 Camera

Pricing and package specifications are subject to change. Some Project LaunchBox™ components are distributed during students' second year; some Project LaunchBox™ components are downloadable items.

Grad News and Student Work from Art & Design Degrees
Tumblr Image - This piece of artwork was created by Digital Arts & Design student Ibrahim Ismail as a contribution to the HUB Art Gallery. 
This piece of artwork was created by Digital Arts & Design student Ibrahim Ismail as a contribution to the HUB Art Gallery. 

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Living Color: The Art of Jessica Dunbar

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