Full Sail University

Full Sail’s Military Student Success Center

The student center invites military-connected students to engage, collaborate, and connect on campus.

An image of Full Sail’s Military Student Success center shows a large couch, small meeting rooms, and flags representing each branch of the US Armed Services.

The Military Student Success Center (MSSC) at Full Sail University serves as a space for military-connected students, grads, faculty, and staff to connect, study, network, and collaborate while on campus. The center provides a variety of benefits like free coffee and snacks, access to local and national resources including regular Veterans Affairs visits, tutoring, lunch and learn seminars, and more.

“We act as a hub for any questions a student has, or even just to listen and provide support,” says Veteran Student Liaison Drew Bailey. “MSSC promotes camaraderie and collaboration between our students, and we share a common bond that removes barriers and helps create a safe space.”

Whether students are looking to connect with fellow veterans, join the Veteran Student Union, or just grab a quick snack on the way to class, MSSC serves campus students in a variety of ways.

With a strong focus on community, Full Sail’s Military Student Success Center provides community enrichment with events, panels and presentations, and more.

“We want the center to serve as an epicenter for all military-connected students,” shares Director of Military Student Success Aaron Hall. “And not just the physical space but also through events, panels, and other initiatives.”

Veterans and other military-connected students can look forward to annual events such as the Student Veteran Thanksgiving dinner – held for students and their families – while online student engagement events are held on military bases around the United States throughout the year.

Events hosted at the Military Student Success Center include weekly game nights, quarterly jam sessions, and Dungeons & Dragons campaigns that invite students to decompress and connect with fellow veterans as they complete their Full Sail journey.

During panels and presentations hosted during Hall of Fame and throughout the year, military-connected students can network with and have gotten personal and professional advice from veteran grads in the industry including Aaron Cook, Mark Diaz, and Josh Gudwin. For online students who can’t make their way to the center, the Virtual Veteran’s Center on Discord provides a space to engage with the community, ask questions, and keep up with events.

At the center, students can also address their needs in regard to support. “We bring in local community resources as well as national resources to the center,” says Aaron. “That way students can know what available resources or support systems are available to them while they’re in school.”

Head to our FAQ page to learn more about being a military student at Full Sail.