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If you crave an education that centers on what you love doing the most, you belong at Full Sail University. This is a community of people united by the desire to learn through creating.

And when they come together, amazing things can happen.

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Where Collaboration Drives Creativity

Whether you’re working on a project with classmates, contributing your talents to a production team, or bouncing ideas around with your instructor, you’ll be building meaningful connections that can continue beyond graduation.

And it's not just about your projects and curriculum - from networking events at Full Sail and throughout the country, to special guests and live streamed lectures, to collaborative project opportunities, there’s no shortage of ways to find inspiration and likeminded people.

Curriculum Built on Real World Experience
Hall of Fame Week

Our Hall of Fame event includes panels presented by industry leaders and alumni, workshops, meet and greet sessions, and other educational opportunities for students. It’s an industry celebration for our students that gives them access to real-world advice and successful professionals who share their time and experiences.

And even if you can't make it to campus for Hall of Fame, the week features opportunities for online students, including live streamed events with moderated discussions, Q & As, online green rooms, and more.

About Our Hall of Fame
Networking and Career Events

Learning how to network with other students and companies looking for talent is an important part of a Full Sail Education. Our Career Development department regularly hosts networking events, both on-campus and in key cities across the country. These events are designed to connect our students and graduates with companies like Blizzard, Clair Global, Disney, and many more. These events give you a chance to share your resume and experience and to make connections that can help you build and sustain your career.

To learn more about past and upcoming networking events, visit our alumni site at alumni.fullsail.edu.

Visit Our Alumni Site
Guest Lectures and Live Streams

We're always working to bring special guests back to campus to share their experiences and insights with our students. Full Sail On Air is an ongoing lecture series featuring monthly in-person and live streamed events with our graduates, employers, and other industry experts. These events are archived and available to you whenever you need them, even after graduation.

Click below to view a selection of recent Full Sail On Air events.

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Student Groups and Clubs

Whatever your interests, there’s a club or organization you can connect with at Full Sail. Our student groups include a student chapter of the Audio Engineering Society, Black Student Union, LAN Games Group, Special Effects Society, Cosplay Club, Pride Club, and many more.

You can also get involved with Pure Motivation - a club built around community involvement and volunteerism – and SPARK, a student production agency that gives selected students an opportunity to work on non-academic projects for outside clients.

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