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Accelerated Degrees - Unique Benefits

Our Approach
Full Sail has a different approach to education, from accelerated programs to tuition that includes all books and lab fees. Here are just some of the benefits our students enjoy due to our distinctive model:
Full Sail Advantage

Half the Time

All Full Sail degree programs are designed to be taken at an accelerated pace. So both undergraduate and graduate degrees at Full Sail take about half the time to complete of a traditional university, on average.

Cost of Living

Since you’ll complete your degree more quickly, your other expenses will be lower. Finishing in half the time means you'll need to fund fewer years of housing and living expenses during your education.

What's Included?

At traditional universities, books and supplies can be a major educational cost from semester to semester. At Full Sail, these items are included in tuition.

Start Anytime

Degree programs start monthly at Full Sail, rather than on a traditional semester schedule. That means you can start classes when you’re ready, rather than needing to wait for the next semester to begin your education.

Full Sail's Tuition is Locked

At most traditional universities, tuition costs can rise from year to year. At Full Sail, your tuition is set for the duration of your program, so you understand the cost of your education from day one.

Come Back Anytime

Technology can change quickly as new software, hardware, and techniques become industry-standard. To make sure your skills up to date, you can return to Full Sail after graduation and take a current course within your degree program, on an available-seating basis.

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