Full Sail University

National and Local Companies Recruit at On-Campus Career Fair

Employers from a variety of industries gathered in the Full Sail Live building to connect with alumni and students nearing graduation.

A bustling career fair with several booths set up. In the center, a giant LED screen welcomes guests to the Career Fair.

Alumni and students with less than three months until their graduation gathered in the Full Sail Live venue last week to attend Full Sail University’s annual Career Fair, hosted by the Career Development department. Several local and national companies, including Walt Disney World, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Orlando Magic, set up booths and spent the day chatting with potential new hires.

“It's an opportunity for us to get as many employers as we can into a room at one time that have jobs in hand, that feed multiple degrees, and have the maximum amount of opportunities for our grads,” said Employer Development Manager Jamey Hopper. “It's [also] a chance to network, but it's also mainly to get a job, to be hired.”

We came to Full Sail for its career fair because we’re looking for people who have experience in technology, AV, [and] live events."

Employers were selected for the fair based on the number and variety of openings they had, ensuring that students and alumni from most degree programs had an opportunity to find positions they were interested in and qualified for.

“We always try to make sure there [is] something for everybody in that sense,” Jamey said. “We want multidimensional companies… We want a company that can hire tech, hire film, hire some businesspeople, hire audio.”

Several local companies took part in the career fair, giving students the chance to learn more about opportunities in their community.

“We came to Full Sail for its career fair because we’re looking for people who have experience in technology, AV, [and] live events,” said Jennie Smith from Our DJ Rocks, a female-owned DJ company based in Apopka, Florida.

Several companies that would usually not be associated with technology or entertainment industry positions were also present, including the Orange County Library.

“People don’t think of libraries when thinking of the specialized degree programs [offered at Full Sail], but we actually have positions for recording studio instructors and photography instructors… We have simulation labs… Those things require specialists,” explained Ruben Cortes, a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Specialist at the Orange County Library.

Throughout the day, students and alumni could also attend scheduled presentations from employers like Disney Cruise Line, Blue Origin, and others.