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Sebastian Krys Named 2018 Shining Star Honoree by Education Through Music

The Full Sail Hall of Fame inductee was recognized for his contributions to music education.

Sebastian Krys Named 2018 Shining Star Honoree by Education Through Music - Hero image

Recording Arts grad and Full Sail Hall of Fame inductee Sebastian Krys was recently recognized by the Education Through Music nonprofit organization as a 2018 Shining Star Honoree. Since its inception in 1991, Education Through Music has partnered with under-resourced schools to provide music as a core subject for all children.

Sebastian has valued the importance of supporting music education while he worked on building his career. “Having music education available in school is essential to a child’s development,” he says.

To him, music education encompassed much more than most people realize. “When you think about it, music is math, problem-solving, teamwork, reading comprehension, using your imagination, developing your motor skills, and learning a new language ... all disguised as fun. Why this wouldn’t be required and available for every student is incomprehensible.”

Sebastian’s company Rebeleon Entertainment helped to establish an annual benefit gala, hosted each year the night before the Latin GRAMMYs each year, with the goal of providing funds to different charities, including music education charities. The gala has been held for 13 years, and Sebastian plans to continue this event for many years to come.

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