Full Sail Celebrates 100,000th Graduate

The university’s 100,000th grad crossed the graduation ceremony stage on July 3.

In a large venue full of college graduates, two men in suits stand on opposite sides of a woman in a cap and gown holding a framed photo that reads "Full Sail University - Congratulations to our 100,000th graduate Isabel Miller."

Since 1979, Full Sail University has offered hands-on, real-world education that is designed to help students achieve their professional goals. Thousands of students have completed degree programs in areas like music and recording, film, emerging technologies, business, design, and more. At Full Sail’s graduation ceremony on July 3, the university celebrated its 100,000th graduate: Isabel Miller, who studied film during her time at Full Sail.

From day one, Full Sail’s mission has been to support our students' dreams while propelling our graduates into their future careers of choice.”

“Each month we host graduation ceremonies here at Full Sail University,” said Tim Gregory, Full Sail’s Director of Academic Relations. “Our graduates complete a very rigorous, accelerated schedule to earn their degrees, and we make a significant effort to acknowledge their accomplishments with a memorable experience. Celebrating our 100,000th graduate was a huge milestone for our university and alumni. We created an extra-special celebration to recognize this distinguished graduate.”

The graduation of Full Sail’s 100,000th student also aligned with the university’s 45th anniversary, making the achievement even more remarkable.

A front-row view of the graduation stage as the 100,000th graduate is congratulated on stage. There is confetti and streamers flying through the air.

Full Sail graduates, staff, faculty, and alumni cheer as confetti and streamers fly through the air to celebrate the 100,000th graduate.

“As we celebrate our 45th anniversary as a school, we are honored to celebrate our 100,000th graduate from Full Sail,” said Dave Franko, Full Sail’s Vice President of Academic Affairs. “Full Sail’s graduates have been involved in shaping the world of emerging technology, business, sports, art, and entertainment. Our grads continue to represent a large part of the tech and entertainment business industries while making this world a better place for all. I’m so proud of our graduates and wish them all continued success in their careers.”

Full Sail University President Garry Jones remarked on how meaningful this occasion was for students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

"From day one, Full Sail’s mission has been to support our students' dreams while propelling our graduates into their future careers of choice,” Garry said. “[On July 3], Full Sail itself, alongside the graduating class, achieved another dream with an incredible milestone as our 100,000th Full Sail graduate crossed the ceremony stage. On behalf of all of Full Sail University, I’m honored to look back across our 45-year journey in service to our students and alumni, and I’m humbled as we continue to stand in service to our educational community alongside our leadership, faculty, and staff. Congratulations to our phenomenal alumni family, [which is] comprised of 100,000 creative, determined change agents of the future who continue to inspire us daily.”