Full Sail University

'Graphic Design USA' Names Full Sail Grads as Students to Watch 2022

Two grads made the industry magazine's list honoring top design students.

A Graphic Design USA magazine stands upright on a desk in a backlit room. On the cover, a man wearing a blue suit with a pink ribbon pin and holding an NFL football smiles for the camera. The cover reads, People to Watch in 2022, Students to Watch.

Each year, Graphic Design USA releases their "Students to Watch" list, a roundup of recent graduates and graduate students they identify as "top students ready to burst on the design scene."

This year, the industry magazine recognized two Full Sail University students: Morgan Baker (Media Design MFA) and Mac Jo Smith (Digital Arts & Design).

A Graphic Design USA magazine is open to a page featuring two smiling Full Sail students, Morgan Baker and Mac Jo Smith. Morgan Baker has long brown hair and sits on a bench in front of a wall of sunflowers. Sporting a purple do, Mac Jo Smith leans casually over a wooden fence.

This year, Full Sail grads Morgan Baker (Media Design MFA) and Mac Jo Smith (Digital Arts & Design) made the Students to Watch 2022 list for Graphic Design USA.

Morgan Baker earned her BFA from Bowling Green State University before coming to Full Sail to earn her master's in Media Design. As a graphic designer for a coloring book production company, she has goals of becoming a program director or professor of graphic design and visual media.

Mac Jo Smith was a student art director at the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center for Commercial Art & Design before pursuing their Digital Arts & Design degree. They are also a member of Full Sail's student-operated production crew, SPARK.