Full Sail University

Students Sing and Socialize at Summer Sizzle

Full Sail students gathered to celebrate the summer at the Summer Sizzle event and talent show.

Several students raise their hands attentively at the Summer Sizzle as two staff members call on participants. The large room is colorfully lit up and looks very lively.

In celebration of one of the hottest summers ever, Full Sail University’s Student Community Organization hosted a lively Summer Sizzle event, bringing students together to sing, socialize, and celebrate.

The highlight of the Summer Sizzle was the Talent Show, which students could audition for at the Student Community Association's monthly Open Mic event.

“Every month, the [Student Community Association] has an Open Mic night. That was the precursor to the talent show,” explained Jessica Henlon, Director of Student Development. “The way you perform at Open Mic is the way you're going to perform on the larger stage, so there are many things to consider, like original work, compliance, and code of conduct.”

The Talent Show was judged by Recording Arts bachelor’s Program Director Jarrett Dyson, Entertainment Business and Music Business bachelor’s Department Chair Zach Taylor, International Student Coordinator Sandi Foncannon, and Entertainment Business Program Director Victoria Wasinger. Prizes included gifts from the hangR, Full Sail’s merch shop, a variety of summer-themed gear, including frisbees and sunglasses, and even a few Apple gift cards.

“[The Talent Show] wasn't all about winning. It was also about developing as a musician,” adds Community Association Manager Kincie Farnell.

Between performances, the audience could answer fun trivia questions for their own chance to take home a prize.

A long exposure image of people staring at the many small paintings hung up on the Full Sail Live lobby wall.

Staff members painted several colorful 5x5 canvases that were sold at the Summer Sizzle.

The Faculty and Staff Art Show, hosted by Staff and Cultural Development, also took place that evening. Staff and faculty members decorated 5x5 canvases that were put up for sale at the Summer Sizzle. All proceeds went to the Full Pantry, Full Sail’s on-campus student food pantry.

The entire Summer Sizzle event was also livestreamed, encouraging online students to participate in the on-campus experience.