Full Sail University

This Show Production Grad Does Video Production for Corporate Events and Concert Tours

Jean Fuemmeler works as both a full-time video tech for global production company Encore and hits the road for live tours.

Jean Fuemmeler sits in front of live event video production controllers. She is wearing a gray jacket and smiling.

Pursuing a career in live events often means committing to touring instead of working in a single location, but Show Production grad Jean Fuemmeler is enjoying the best of both worlds. She’s living and working full time in Denver, Colorado as a video technical specialist for global production company Encore and recently went on her first live tour with singer-songwriter Chelsea Cutler. Jean’s love of production and her experiences at Full Sail helped her find work in the live events industry.

Jean has worked on live productions since high school: She was a theater tech and enjoyed contributing to shows without having to be on stage. Jean realized she could take her interests to the next level when she discovered Full Sail’s Show Production program.

“I was reading about Show Production on Full Sail’s site and I was like, ‘Oh, that's really cool. I didn't know that was a thing.’ I did pyrotechnics a little bit and I was like, ‘Well, obviously someone has to do this kind of stuff in the background,’ but I didn't know there was a degree program for it,” she says.

After Jean graduated, she started working as a floor tech at PSAV (now Encore), a global event production company that specializes in corporate AV. She transferred to Encore’s Denver location in 2019. In 2021, she was promoted to a video technical specialist and started working on video projection tasks with live event screen management systems like the Barco E2 and the Christie Spyder x80.

Planning and teamwork are essential when Jean’s creating a live show for one of Encore’s corporate clients.

“For setup days I'll walk into [the client’s] ballroom. I'll look at a diagram. I'll gather my team together, we'll build a game plan. We'll hang projectors, build the LED wall if there's one on show, run all the cables, set up a little video village backstage, make sure everything's good, do a signal test, get all of our content together, get all of our presets together, and then we just produce the show,” Jean explains.

Jean spends most of her time working Encore’s corporate events in Denver, but she recently went on her first live tour. She worked on Chelsea Cutler’s 2022 When I Close My Eyes tour as an LED Wall Tech and Resolume Operator.

“I always wanted to tour. That's everybody's dream, right? The Chelsea Cutler tour was awesome,” she says.

Whether Jean is working in Denver with Encore or on the road, she can call on her education from Full Sail to overcome obstacles.

“I learned about troubleshooting at Full Sail. I use that every day. No matter the scale of the problem, it’s all signal flow,” she says.

Jean takes her career day by day and enjoys rolling with the punches, but she’s got some advice for determined Full Sail students who are pushing for a career in live events.

“Ask all of the questions. Sit back and listen to what people have to teach you. And don't let your ego take up the room.”