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Computer Animation Graduate at Reel FX Finishes 'SCOOB!' Remotely

Full Sail graduate Rob Zeigler shares what it was like working on the Warner Bros. feature from home.

Computer Animation Graduate at Reel FX Finishes 'SCOOB!' Remotely - Hero image

SCOOB!, the latest animated feature film about everyone's favorite Great Dane detective, Scooby-Doo, didn't just have to meet the challenge of honoring the 50-year-old franchise. It also had to execute the final stages of production with an entire post-production crew working remotely, due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Rob Zeigler, a graduate of Full Sail's Computer Animation and Entertainment Business degree programs and a member of the editorial team at Reel FX, had the unique experience of working on the film from home.

"It was not only a technical challenge, but it was also an emotional challenge," says Rob of the quick transition from regular life at the office to working on the film's edits from inside his house.

Rob and assistant editor Ashton Sargent got down to the wire on delivering some of the film's final shots, and were grateful to Warner Bros. and Reel FX for supporting the adjustment.

"I give all the credit in the world to the tech guys at Reel FX for keeping 500 artists spread out between Dallas and Montreal studios working," he says.

The difficulties of remote work, paired with collaborating with the creative team at Warner Bros. and his VFX team at Reel FX, meant the grad had to exhibit serious communication skills to keep the film on track. Luckily for Rob, the high-level communication and collaboration required for working on a major motion picture from home was something he gained experience doing during his time at Full Sail.

"Going through [the Entertainment Business degree program] and being able to work on tight deadlines in groups of people that I hadn't even met was a good training ground for the type of high-pressure stuff that you have to go through in the industry.

"From an editorial standpoint, you're kind of a central hub and there's spokes that go out to each of the different disciplines," says Rob of his role. "So Full Sail – by giving me exposure to all of those different spokes or branches – allowed me to be able to communicate with all of those different entertainment disciplines effectively."

Rob, who also worked on The LEGO Movie and is currently lending his skills to Paramount's upcoming Rumble, has a special place in his heart for SCOOB!, saying, "I can say, SCOOB! is the first movie I've ever worked on from home." A special bonus? Rob considers the movie a bit of a family affair, as his wife and two-year-old daughter are in the film's credits.

When it comes to advice for others looking to build successful careers in the film industry, Rob's is simple, "Be a good person," he says. "Be someone people want to work with."

SCOOB! is available via VOD on Friday, May 15, 2020.