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Digital Cinematography Grad Launches Houston-Based Creative Agency

Elizabeth Phillips is a veteran designer turned Creative Director after launching her own agency, Liz Moon Media.

Digital Cinematography Grad Launches Houston-Based Creative Agency - Hero image

Elizabeth Phillips has spent over 30 years working as a designer in the Houston area, but it wasn't until she attended Full Sail for a degree in Digital Cinematography that she found how she could connect her love of creating with her desire to operate independently.

"Going the full virtual route [with school] helped me transform into a remote freelancer," says Elizabeth.

"I personally took advantage of some of the workshops, webinars, and things that Full Sail puts out for students who are struggling to cope with the amount of work, and really learn," recalls the grad. "They were incredible, and I learned so much about how to manage your time, how to take care of yourself, how to prioritize, and how to deal with it."

Currently operating her own agency, Liz Moon Media, Elizabeth is able to work with a variety of clients from tech brands interested in reaching new markets to live performers looking to take their show on the virtual road. Offering graphic design, videography, web design, and more, Elizabeth is able to tackle a diverse set of needs for industries that didn't previously have a large focus on digital assets.

"[A client] called me and said, 'We're trying to launch this thing. I've got all these videos I need in two weeks. Can you do it?'," she says. "[Because of] the skills that I learned through Full Sail, I was able to confidently meet with him and say, 'We'll get it done.'"

Elizabeth credits much of her ability to complete a quick turnaround on a project to the skills she gained while pursuing her degree online.

"You learn to be prepared for anything," she says. "[The instructors] really stressed the importance of being resilient in the process. Being able to not get stuck in different places, and just flow with it and make what you have work and figure it out."

Passionate about giving back to the Full Sail community that empowered her to reimagine her career, Elizabeth is working with Full Sail instructors in the Psychology of Play course to develop an app that supports the student's objectives for the month.

"I really liked Psychology of Play because it just helps you kind of focus," she says. "[It taught me] these are the things I have to get done today, and if I do it and everything goes smoothly, then we'll add something on."