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Recording Arts Grad Acquires Nashville Studio

in:ciite Studios, a top-of-the-line recording and production facility, is the latest addition to Chris Thomason’s media company.

A conference table faces a wall with mixing boards and speakers; a recording area with a grand piano is in the background.

The beginning of 2022 brought big changes to Chris Thomason's professional life. The Recording Arts grad is the co-founder and CEO of in:ciite Media, a music, live events, and film company based in Tennessee. In January, in:ciite acquired a world-class audio recording and post-production facility near Nashville's Music Row. The 10,000 square foot space has been rebranded as in:ciite Studios, and Chris is getting ready to take his company to the next level with the facility's five studios and top-tier equipment.

Chris is no stranger to the music, media, and event industries: He's spent decades working as an executive producer, producer, and A&R executive. He co-founded in:ciite Media in 2005 and spent years growing the company's three divisions: music production and distribution, film and TV development, and live events simulcasts. in:ciite Studios will serve as the company's fourth division and expedite the production process for in:ciite Media's clients.

The new facility is a perfect fit for in:ciite Media's needs. It initially opened its doors in 2003; its five studios were designed by renowned studio architect Russ Berger to meet the needs of music recording and mixing as well as audio post-production for film and TV projects. Prior to in:ciite's acquisition, the studio was home to productions like country music records, feature film scoring, orchestral scoring for video games like League of Legends, and post-production for film studios, among other projects.

All five studios offer something unique for in:ciite's clients. Studio A boasts a main tracking room that can accommodate a 30-piece orchestra, while three smaller studios have top-of-the-line equipment for sound design, editorials, voiceovers, overdubs, programming, and film screenings. Studio B, a large post-production and mixing suite, was recently upgraded with Dolby Atmos technology. The upgrades are configured for immersive sound work for film, television, and broadcast projects.

"All of the major streaming services, Apple, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus, they're now requiring Dolby Atmos mixers as part of the deliverable," says Chris. "[The upgrades were] a big step for the studio, to do that and to be a world-class facility and compete with everybody else out there."

Since January, Chris has already worked with clients like Netflix, Hallmark, and MGM in in:ciite Studios. Those projects are just the beginning for in:ciite Media's new endeavor.

"Our passion is to provide a creative and technically excellent place for artists, producers, engineers, and filmmakers to create remarkable and purposeful content," Chris says. "We are honored and proud to carry on the great legacy of this purpose-built, world-class facility for recording and audio post-production. We plan to take it to the next level by embracing new and immersive audio technologies for film, TV, music, and gaming."