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Recording Arts Graduate Combines World-Class Audio with Social Media Innovation

Tyler Costantino's PNDA Studios pairs TikTok stars and social media influencers with forward-looking audio technology.

Recording Arts Graduate Combines World-Class Audio with Social Media Innovation - Hero image

When Tyler Costantino first encountered Genelec audio equipment in a class on the Full Sail campus, he was hooked.

"I just loved the sound of the balance level, of the stereo imaging, and everything like that," says Tyler, recalling his first time getting hands-on experience with the studio monitors. "From there, I guess I just wanted to stay in the Genelec family."

So it's no wonder when, after graduating from the Recording Arts program and looking to open his own studio, the audio engineer and social media marketer ensured that Genelec and their new 8361A Smart Active Monitors played a major role in its design.

Tyler's modern brand of engineering, which intersects with social media marketing for influencers like Jacob Sartorius and Mark Thomas, is certainly reflected in the studio's sleek and modern design.

"When I first built the studio, it was very rustic. It's a hundred-year-old building," says Tyler of PNDA Studios, his Haddonfield, New Jersey, recording facility. "I really just wanted to give it a modern twist."

Though matching the modern feel of Genelec's new system wasn't all Tyler was looking for when planning for PNDA.

"I focused on my U87, to my TG2 pre-amp, to my LA-2A compressor, and then right into my Orion studio, right into Pro Tools," he says. " I have a really good local chain, and I feel like that and a good room is all you really need to get a great-sounding record."

The grad, who has contributed to multiple projects earning gold certifications with social media influencers and rising TikTok superstars, saw the opportunity to elevate these emerging stars early in his career. After interning at the legendary Electric Lady Studios post-graduation, Tyler worked with singer and internet personality Jacob Sartorius to write and compose his Billboard Hot 100 single, "Sweatshirt."

Tyler has found great success in cornering this unique and growing segment of the recording arts industry, but where he gained the ability to dominate this sector isn't lost on the grad, saying, "Without Full Sail mentoring and teaching me [things like] session workflow and being able to use certain outboard gear to get that perfect sound going in, I just would be lost right now without it."

For Tyler, the path to launching PNDA Studios stemmed from discovering a passion for more than one creative outlet, something he advises other artists to embrace.

"You could go in as a music producer or an engineer and end up finding your love for managing or marketing," he says. "So as long as music is the end goal, and you want that to be your career, then just find your place in it, and execute."