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Art Sample Requirement
What are the programs that need an art sample?
  • Computer Animation associate
  • Game Art associate
  • Visual Arts – Computer Animation Concentration
  • Visual Arts – Game Art Concentration
Why are two art samples needed?

Computer Animation associate, Game Art associate, Visual Arts – Computer Animation Concentration, and Visual Arts – Game Art Concentration degree program applicants must show artistic skill. Artistic skill is shown by the submission of two art samples for review by the program. Traditional art classes are recommended prior to entering the program. A foundation of life-drawing, sculpting, and painting is important for the animation industry and is essential in developing 3D content for any production application, that being films, games, architecture, or any other application.

Artistic Skill can be demonstrated by: (1) providing two or more examples of the applicant's artwork, or (2) by providing academic transcripts indicating successful completion of appropriate art coursework, with a grade of B or higher.

What are the requirements for the art samples?

Students enrolling in Computer Animation associate, Game Art associate, Visual Arts – Computer Animation Concentration, and Visual Arts – Game Art Concentration degree programs must submit two original pieces of Observational Artwork. These are artwork created by you. AI art will not be considered. Digital Art should be completed using traditional methods – no composites, filters, or tracing will be considered.

It is recommended to submit samples of artwork that show:

  • Still-life drawings or paintings showing attention to proportion, value range, lighting, texture, or observed details. They should depict actual objects in the home, outdoors, or office.
  • Figure drawings including Gesture Drawings, portraiture, or full-figure work from observation.
  • Animal drawings or paintings showing attention to anatomy, texture, or detail from observation.
  • Illustrations showing attention to Linear Perspective.
  • Illustrations showing an understanding of color theory and color application.

Alternatively, applicants can use the following workshops to create their samples. Each workshop will guide you to create a different type of art. You may create more than one piece of art for any of the guided workshops you select.

  • Any other sketch drawings demonstrating observational skills.
  • Workshop 01: Gestures Drawing & Outline Contour Drawing
  • Workshop 02: Still-life Sketch
  • Workshop 03: Outdoor Environment
  • Workshop 04: Informal Perspective Drawing
  • Optional Artwork

    In the Optional Artwork section, you will have the opportunity to showcase other original work or passion projects defining your artistic direction. From the following list submit your work:

    • 3D Modeling work demonstrating skill beyond simple primitives, some level of detail, or compound curvature
    • 3D Character animation or object animation showing some understanding of the principles of animation, timing, etc.
    • Photography
    • Traditional or digital sculpture

    Please do not submit Maya files.

What types of files are accepted?

Your files must be JPG or TIFF. Max size per file is 50MB. Please, do not upload screenshots. If you are using a phone-camera or a laptop camera to photograph the work, ensure that it is properly lit avoiding shadows or unclear results. Only the artwork is to be visible, avoiding backgrounds or parts (hands, fingers, pens, desks, etc.) that don't belong to the piece.

Label your files with your name and last name and the file number, such as:

Where can I refresh the concepts required for the art samples

All applicants can review the foundations of art and design by accessing our Workshops at: go.fullsail.edu/3darts

For applicants without formal art training, spending some time practicing the topics covered in each Workshop is highly advised. This will ensure you have enough iterations of each exercise to then select your best work.

There is an Art Sample Workshop Webinar offered to students who have applied and have yet to submit a samples. A link to register will be emailed.

How do I submit my art samples?

To submit the two artwork samples the student must access their Full Sail One student portal. This is accessible after submitting an application either with an Admissions Guide or through our website at apply.fullsail.edu. After applying they can create their student portal using their student ID number. Once they create their student portal, they will be able to access a To Do list. One of those To Dos will be labeled as an Art Sample Assessment.

How are the art samples scored?

Applicants will have three opportunities to complete the Art Sample Assessment. Once you submit your first version, you will receive an email with feedback from the Assessment team. This feedback will include your next steps or any additional requirements.

What happens if my art samples are not accepted?

If after repeated failed attempts the two art samples have not been accepted, the student will need to connect with an Admissions Representative to discuss other potential degree programs. We offer both Visual Arts – Digital Arts and Design Concentration and Visual Arts – Graphic Design Concentration as alternative art degrees that do not require an art sample assessment.

Who do I contact with questions?

For any admissions questions please call 800.226.7625 and ask to speak to the Admissions department.