Grad Uses Dual Master’s Degrees to Find Rewarding Digital Marketing Role

Brandie Green’s Entertainment Business and Internet Marketing master’s degrees helped her become a Google Analytics Specialist at Boston Scientific.

Brandie Green smiles at the camera. She is standing outdoors and wearing a flannel button-down shirt.

For Brandie Green, finding a career that she loved meant coming to Full Sail. The Orlando native earned her bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida, but she struggled to find legal work that she was passionate about after graduation. Luckily, Full Sail’s Entertainment Business and Internet Marketing (now called Digital Marketing) master’s programs helped her switch careers and find a fulfilling role as a Google Analytics Specialist at Boston Scientific, a global medical device organization.

Brandie chose to pursue both the Entertainment Business master’s degree and the Internet Marketing master’s degree because she wanted a well-rounded education that would give her a holistic perspective on marketing.

“[The Internet Marketing master’s] program was basically my foundation to understanding marketing in the digital world on a deeper level,” Brandie says. “Being [at Full Sail] taught me more about analytics. It taught me more about how you create campaigns from start to finish and working out a digital marketing plan as a whole… I'm able to understand how all the different parts play into the broader picture. I'm not a siloed resource that doesn't understand how things work. It's worked to my advantage.”

Her understanding of the interplay between various parts of digital marketing strategies helped Brandie find contract roles at companies like Spirit Airlines and Newell Brands. She landed her current role as a Google Analytics Specialist at Boston Scientific in 2020.

Today, Brandie oversees the implementation and maintenance of Boston Scientific’s web analytics, which span over 100 websites in multiple countries and languages. She launches and deploys analytics tools to help the company track user interactions on their sites and monitor the performance of their digital marketing campaigns. Brandie also works with colleagues on the development, security, and IT teams to fix any snags that arise in the company’s analytics tools, and she coaches and educates other teams to show them how analytics plays into their roles. She’s also the designated subject matter expert for Boston Scientific’s transition to Google Analytics 4, the latest iteration of Google’s analytics service.

Brandie’s efforts at Boston Scientific have already earned her some accolades: She was nominated for the company’s 2021 Corporate Marketing and Market Access Collaboration and 2021 Corporate Marketing and Market Access Standing Ovation awards.

“[The awards] recognize individuals who've had a significant contribution to the organization within that past year... I was recognized for doing things like improving our process and our overall way that we work, improving implementation, and streamlining a lot of things. One of them was for the migration to Google Analytics 4 because all that stuff impacts the entire global organization,” she says.

Getting nominated for corporate awards is great recognition for Brandie, but doing work that she loves in a positive environment is what she’s most grateful for.

“My biggest thing when I went to Full Sail was, I didn't want to be in a position where I was taking on a career that I don't like… I'm doing something that I like to do and it's in an atmosphere that speaks to what my values are as a person. That's biggest thing that I like [about my job],” she says.