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Kerry Allen

Senior UI Programmer | id Software

Kerry Allen started his career soon after graduation when he went to work at Activision as an associate programmer. While there, he worked on Guitar Hero for the Nintendo DS and a handful of other titles. In 2010, Kerry joined the team at Microsoft where he worked as a software engineer programming games for the Xbox 360, including Kinect Adventures for the Microsoft Kinect. 2012 saw another shift, this time to EA Games, where he worked on titles including Madden 13 for the Wii U and NCAA College Football. Kerry has worked as a senior UI programmer for id Software since 2015; he has provided UI code for games like DOOM (2016), DOOM VFR, Dishonored 2, and the upcoming DOOM Eternal.


Guitar Hero, DOOM (2016), DOOM VFR, Dishonored 2, Microsoft Kinect Adventures, DOOM Eternal

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