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Steve Cainas

Production Supervisor

In a career spanning more than two decades, Steve Cainas has worked as a production coordinator and production supervisor on numerous television shows and movies, including Jack Ryan, Baby Driver, True Detective, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, and LOST.

Steve graduated from Full Sail's Film program in 1992 and got his start working on films like The Hudsucker Proxy and Sweet Home Alabama. In 2004, he was asked to coordinate the pilot episode of ABC’s LOST; he ended up working on the show for its first three seasons. Steve's experience on LOST broke new ground, and he has since become a sought-after creative force in his field. Steve was inducted into the Producer's Guild in 2009.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Twisters, Baby Driver, Goosebumps, Jack Ryan, The Fate of the Furious, True Detective, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, LOST, Sweet Home Alabama, First Man, Love, Simon

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Every day is different, every project adds a sense of excitement, so I can't think of what else I would do.”
—Steve Cainas
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