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Troy DeVolld

Executive Producer/President | Story T Media

Producer Troy DeVolld brings reality television to life. The Full Sail Film grad has worked on a number of shows, developing the overall narrative for a series, building story arcs, and creating different situations for cast members to interact with.

He launched his career working on MTV’s Fear and The Osbournes before moving on to early reality TV staples like The Surreal Life and others.

In 2009, Troy shared a Daytime Emmy Award nomination (Outstanding Special Class Series) for his work on Style Network’s Split Ends. Other credits include VH1’s Basketball Wives, Bravo’s Flipping Out and ABC titles The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars. It's a niche of the entertainment industry that Troy has found a home for himself in, ultimately leading him to the 2017 formation of his company, Story T Media.

“I'm really grateful to reality television for what it's been able to do for me,” says Troy. “It was a sharp turn from my early career goals, but I've really had a great run with it.”


The Bachelor, Basketball Wives, Dancing with the Stars, Flipping Out, Hollywood Game Night, Remember We're Not Here (in production), The Surreal Life, Fight of the Living Dead: Paradise Calls. Author of the books Reality TV: An Insider’s Guide and And Another Thing. Shared Emmy nomination for Split Ends (Outstanding Special Class Program, 2009).

Graduation Year:

I think success is being able to make a go of whatever you choose to do, and being content with the quality of work you're doing.”
—Troy DeVolld
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